Frequently asked questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about personalising by Eight Arms.

Why am I limited in my choice of characters and images for personalisation?
When you start cutting characters out of a particular material you only have a limited choice of fonts. Certain typefaces cause the inside of the letters ‘o’ or ‘e’ to fall away from the image. This is why we have opted for well-defined typefaces where this is not an issue.

The same applies to images. Not every image produces a quality etching. This is why we are proposing a selection of images that we feel produce a great result. If you have other ideas, don’t hesitate to call us on +31 (0)36 – 760 88 88 or drop us an email ( for further help and advice.

How does it work?
To personalise a product with your own individual text, you must select the text you want us to insert (The example will often say “Name”). Click on the text, a box will appear that provides you with several tools to improve your text. For example, you can adjust the font size if you want to insert a long name or you can select a different typeface.

Our products are priced to include the cost of personalisation. In some cases, if you are ordering an apron for example, an extra line of print will result in additional costs. If you select this option, we will show the new total price.