Our price for cutting and engraving a particular item depends on: the cost of the material itself, the time required by the laser machine to do its work and whether you need additional services. We can do a simple job from €17.50. You haven’t got a design (yet)? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to brainstorm along with you!

Laser cutting only

If you supply us with the materials for cutting or engraving with our laser cutter along with clear instructions that we can use straight away, we will only charge you for the time it takes our equipment to produce your design.

Professional 3D designers for example often hire laser time from us as they don’t want to invest in what is after all an expensive piece of kit. We feed the drawing into the laser cutter, it calculates the time needed for a particular project and we put a price tag on it. Easy peasy.

Laser cutting plus materials

Your project becomes a little more expensive if we also supply the material for cutting. Bear in mind that ‘more expensive’ is a relative term. After all, you would have to purchase the materials anyway. Buy them from us and you will get top quality at competitive prices. The additional advantage is that we know exactly how the materials from our own suppliers react to the laser beam.

In this case we will give you a quote for laser cutting that includes the materials. By the way, before starting to cut expensive materials, we often produce a dummy made from cardboard or another inexpensive medium. If things go wrong, no harm is done.

Laser cutting with added design support

Some people do have an idea in mind but lack the means to translate it into a workable design. Don’t worry, we have our own team of designers who can knock out a working drawing in no time at all.

If you come to us with your rough idea or sketch we can quickly give you a quote for laser cutting with added design support.

Requesting a quote for laser cutting

We could talk about every possible permutation here but if you want to know our laser cutter rates for your particular project you’re better off asking us for a quote. You will know straight away where you stand.

Get some of your cash back through our shop

We’re totally blown away by all the lovely things you can make with a laser cutter. Some customers come to us with items that really appeal to us and we’d like to make these products available to a wider audience.

We may well ask for your permission to sell your work through our shop in return for a modest commission charge. This could be a way for you to earn back part of what you have spent on laser cutting.

Requesting a quote for laser cutting/laser engraving

Would you like to receive a quote for laser cutting or engraving? Get in touch with us straight away and you will know where you stand within one working day.