Light up a thousand eyes

I am, and always have been, a gadget geek. From a tender age I’ve been fascinated by engineering and technology. Crafting presents for my Mum with the jigsaw; constructing metres-long tracks for marbles using anything and everything I could lay my hands on.

My Dad was a blacksmith. I used to wander around the shop floor and saw what can be done with the right equipment and materials. How you can make beautiful things that put a sparkle in the eyes of your customers.

I have chosen the printing profession that I now have left behind me. But I am still making my customers happy, in fact every single day… with our fantastic Trotec Speedy 400 laser cutting machine.

Cuts with well-defined, smooth edges; a rotary engraving mode and a camera to cut out prints with the highest accuracy.

Everything you need to create the most beautiful objects. And for me, the cherry on the cake is seeing my customers’ eyes light up when the result is unveiled.

My background in the graphic design industry has taught me the importance of digital image files. These translate an idea from a flat surface into a three-dimensional product. It sounds easy but there are plenty of pitfalls along the way.

My colleagues and I work hard to make sure we don’t fall into any of these traps. We scrutinise your design to make sure it’s fit for purpose. And, if we have any doubts, we will first test it on an inexpensive material.

Why do we do all this? To make you happy. I am well aware that you have spent hours, days or even weeks slogging away to achieve the right construction and measurements and to choose the most suitable materials.

All of this comes together at 8 ARMS. For the first time, your ideas are taking shape in front of your eyes.

Let’s work together to create a fabulous product!

Bart Tukker