Science4kids & Eight Arms

Our son Sam is mad keen on anything to do with technology. The more far-out and into the future, the better it is. Every Saturday morning Sam is glued to the screen to watch Erik Peter of Science4Kids to feast his eyes on 3D printers, VR spectacles, 3D software and any other innovations. Science4Kids introduces kids to the fields of programming, 3D drawing and other scientific applications early. They make technology totally accessible.

For a new project Erik Peter was looking for support in producing the Leaphy. This is a robot developed by and for children. Luckily we were able to help him out and have now cut several parts of this robot from 3mm birch plywood.

Oh well, I simply couldn’t resist… I just had to make a great rim and spokes for the wheel, especially for Sam. ☺

Super cool! Well done kids and we wish you luck!